Factors Affecting Online Shopping

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Online shopping is getting popular in all over the world and included Malaysia. The rapid of the e-commerce changed the way of business and consumer on their method of distribute and purchases things. Moreover, the fast pace of technology increase the competition in the online retailer market makes them competitive against this overloaded market. Consumer can have wider choices and there is boom of information for them to compare, choose, make them convenience and create a high chance for them to switch to e-services from traditional retailers. The low cost of set up the e shopping makes rise to a powerful channel for businesses and consumer to communicate and get information. Online retailer need to know what factors that will affect or encourage consumer to shop online and what will leads them to complete the e-shopping. In the journal, it mentioned the Malaysia’s Internet users were 18.9 million and the buyers are 10.5 million in the year 2012. The online shoppers are divided into white collars, blue collars, top management executive, retired & unemployed housewife and businessman & self-employed. In the study, it determines the factors among Malaysian consumers on accessing the effectiveness of online shopping. The purpose of the journal is to research the relationship between the variables which consists of Subjective Norms (SN), Perceived risk (PR) and Previous purchases experience (PRE) and how the variables of (TAM) technology acceptance model correlated with the
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