Factors Affecting Online Shopping

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Factors Affecting Female Students’ Behavior When Shopping
Via Social Media (Instagram), PSU Surat

Thamonwan Chatarat and Suwimol Jitdee

Prince of Songkla University, Surat Thani Campus


In the past decade, the development of communication and information technology has played a role in changing people 's lifestyles and changing the way businesses operate, especially the internet. As a result, the internet has become a big marketing channel with the immediate and extensive reach of target consumers. Online commerce has become an increasingly important opportunity for business success. Currently, the study on the model of decision-making. Consumer products are very important to understanding consumer buying behavior online. Consequently, the study of consumer purchasing patterns is a tool that helps online marketers and retailers to understand the origins and needs of today 's diverse groups of buyers.
The purpose of this research was to study shopping behaviors via social media (Instagram) of female students in the Prince of Songkla University, Surat Thani. In addition, it explored the influence of e-commerce on consumer behavior and factors influencing the consumer to shop online.

Keywords: online commerce, decision-making, consumer buying behavior, marketing channel, shopping behaviors, social media, female students, e-commerce, shop online

Factors Affecting Female Students’ Behavior When Shopping

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