Factors Affecting Organic Food

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There are several factors which affects the awareness level on organic foods among the consumers. Socio demographic profiles, food buying behaviour and nutritional knowledge of the consumers are most likely to affect the awareness level and purchase decisions of organic foods (Briz and Ward, 2009). Consumers with high income often buy organic food to reflect on their awareness and status (Gracia and Magistris, 2007). (Bhaskaran and Hardley, 2002) found out that consumers in the age group of more than 55 years tend to make preventive health decisions, because of higher health vulnerability than younger individuals. Few studies have resulted that younger are more aware of organic food and more willing to pay for purchase the same (Stevens and Garmon, 2007). But, in some of the studies age of the consumer does not play an important role.

Education is an important factor of purchase motive of organic food (Idda et al., 2008). Consumers with higher education are more likely to buy organic food products (Gracia and Magistris, 2007). Gender plays a crucial role in purchase decision of organic products. Women buy organic food in larger quantity and more frequently than men (Arvanitoyannis and Krystallis, 2004). Households with smaller family size are more aware of organic food and showing willingness to pay for organic purchase (Idda et al., 2008). Presence of children in family positively influences the organic food purchase (Solar and Sanchez, 2002). (O’Donovan and McCarthy,

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