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In today’s society we evolve in a highly scientific and technical world, while the importance of proper health care and the ability to cure has become remarkable. Within practices today, the perspective of the patient on his or her treatment should be of utter importance. Hereby stressing the need for patient compliance, compliance being adherence to a treatment regimen or any recommendation from a physician or health care provider. Noncompliance is associated with an increase of medical risk and possibly mortality depending on how serious the illness is. Without patient compliance therapeutic goals are not met and the benefits are not obtained, certain factors have been addressed to why compliance differs in patients, however not enough research…show more content…
(House et al., 1988) (Peterson, 1991) When coping with a disease, a patient’s social network is extremely important, as it is associated with how they comply. For chronic illness, and long-term treatment such as chemo with cancer, social support is crucial. Families are able help in many different ways, not only by love and support but also by encouragement, supervision and reminding the family member to take their medication. (Eraker, 1984) In a study by Hartman & Becker (1978) the influence of family support on hemodialysis patients was shown. The patients that had less family problems and have received aid from their spouses complied better with their dietary regimen. Another study by Becker and Green (1975) had concluded that the support and stability given by family member is significantly correlated with the patient’s compliance. The over all findings from these articles show that patients who receive emotional sport and aid from their family and friends will show higher compliance to their treatment. Social isolation, as a negative factor is hereby related to noncompliance. (Procci,

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