Single Parent Essay

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In this chapter, the researches, the theories, ideas and opinions that are related to this study are discussed. The factors affecting single parent children are also discussed.
To begin this chapter the researchers will define the variables involved in the study namely, single parenting and the factors affecting children that have single parents. The researchers will also examine other research studies and articles that show the relation of these variables. This chapter will end with a summary review.
Single Parenting. A single parent is defined as only one parent that parents alone without the other parent’s support. Break ups is one of the causes of single parenting and it is a big issue worldwide. And because of that children with single
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Fadeiye (1985) (according to Abudu and Fuseini, 2013) specifically observed that during two figure homes, both parents have roles lo play in child education. The father is to give the essential tools for the academic advancement, whilst the mother is to supplement the father 's efforts in this regard. in which the father is absent and the mom isn 't privileged enough to cater for all of the basic needs in addition to supervised the academic performance of the child, the child may have poor academic…show more content…
Emotional impact to the children could lead to depression or loneliness. They would not be interested in joining activities or going to school anymore. Another effect of emotional impact is the shame. They would get ashamed as they would be bullied about having one parent only. One of the things that have effect on children is also on their behavior... Due to them being envious or jealous, and due to the effect of bullying, they would often think of being rebellious. They would also bully others so that they would feel good about themselves. There are a lot of things that might go wrong due to the impact of emotions that the separation of parents has brought unto

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