Factors Affecting Social Development

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Your child’s Language Ability is Significantly Affecting their Social Development Although many people might disagree with this statement, language is in fact correlated with social development. Social development is where children acknowledge which behaviors are acceptable and which are not. Children who find great difficulty with language, tend to have issues with relationships and maintaining friendships. This is because children who struggle to communicate have trouble expressing themselves. The inability to express your feelings and thoughts prohibits individuals from forming close relationships with family and friends. Take autism for example; individuals who have autism generally have trouble developing relationships with other people…show more content…
Without adequate language skills, it is near impossible to develop individuality and independence. Say for example; an individual is having trouble with a person, and they do not possess adequate language skills to voice their feelings, how on earth are they supposed to have their thoughts understood by the other person.
Another factor of social development that language triggers is the relational aggression issue. Relational aggression is defined as harm done to relationships. A study conducted by Theresa L. Estrem (6/8/2010), investigated the correlation between language skills and relational aggression. The end results indicated that children with lower language test scores were shown to be more aggressive than those with higher language test scores.
Before infants come to be toddlers they learn to recognize faces, voices and are able to differentiate between animate and inanimate objects, and etc. By the time the infant has developed into a toddler, they are able to mimic language that they have perceived in the past, along with the ability to understand and respond to the words. Eventually, by the time the toddler reached the age of 3 to 5 (preschooler), they are able to recite the alphabet, recognize colors by name, and have the ability to describe
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My reason for this was that feature articles are informative, where the reader is treated to a free and relaxed flow of information, whereas text types such as newspaper articles and interviews are fixed and straight to the point. I wrote this feature article from the perspective of a writer who has a good understanding of the effects of language on social development, because if the topic of this article is not his area of expertise the article would not be influential. The target audience of this text are concerned parents that read magazines in their leisure time and are unaware of how language can influence their child’s social development. I have written this article to persuasively demonstrate the effect of language on social development, and to encourage parents to take action and help develop their children’s language ability. This text was written as a modern day article published in western context. I used my first source text to show the influence of language on self-expression, developing relationships and early childhood development using the examples provided in the article. Whereas I used my second source text to demonstrate how parents can facilitate their children’s language development. I intend to emulate a clear, concise and persuasive article that does not rely heavily on facts. The register I used to address these topics was informal because magazine articles treat the
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