Factors Affecting Teenage Pregnancy

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A study of South Asia posited that socioeconomic factors, low educational attainment, cultural & family constitutions were risk factors for teenage pregnancy (Acharya et al,2008, p.3). According to case control retrospective study conducted in India (Kumar et al,2007, p. 41) revealed that the incidence of teenage pregnancy in recent years were due to early onset of puberty, early sexual activity in girls and relatively lack of education on contraceptive methods. India is the most heavily populated country in the world and increasing teenage pregnancy. According to a case control study in Turkey (Gokce et al,2006, p. 394), adolescent pregnancy was associated with low socioeconomic factors, exposure to violence within the family prior to marriage,…show more content…
5-7). A cross-sectional population-based household survey was found that the numerous causative factors for adolescent pregnancy were unemployment, extreme poverty, having higher sexually permissive attitudes and habit of not using contraception and men were want the pregnancy for having a sense of the future (Santos & Rosario, 2011). The micro-level review study conducted by Mari Imamura et al posited that the socioeconomic disadvantage, disrupted family structure and limited education appear to be most consistently related to teenage pregnancy. Moreover many health-compromising lifestyle factors such as risky sexual behaviors, alcohol, drug or tobacco use was also associated with teenage pregnancy (European Union, 2007, pp.631-634). Study showed that those people who have grown up unhappy, in poor material situation, do not like school, and are hopeless about their future may be more likely to take risks when having sex or to decide to have a baby (Harden, Brunton, Fletcher, & Oakley, 2009, p.…show more content…
A prospective observational cohort study conducted to analyze the independent effect of adolescent childbearing in a generation on its recurrence in the subsequent generation, after adjusting for socioeconomic status at different points in life revealed that there was an association of the occurrence of adolescent childbearing among 2nd generation daughters with the occurrence of adolescent childbearing among the 1st generation mothers even after adjustment for socioeconomic conditions at different points in life (Ferraro, et al., 2013). A Focus Group Discussion was conducted to examine, from a youth’s perspective, adolescent pregnancy and parenting in Baltimore, Maryland found that peer pressure to follow social norms was a strong influence on sexual behaviors and adolescent pregnancy attitudes (Tanner, et al.,

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