Factors Affecting The Coral Triangle

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Global Perspectives Individual Research 1 How is Global Warming affecting the Coral Triangle and what impact does it have on us? Why have I chosen this topic? I have chosen to talk about this topic because global warming’s impact on the nature has always fascinated me. I can feel that I have this irritating side of me when I think about this topic, and for that reason I would like to find out more about the causing and the effect of this. Both in the sea but also how it’s affecting people locally and nationally. For many reports and assignments at school I have been writing about global warming causing different problems. I have for an example been talking about the climate refugees, the animals on earth, the ice melting and how…show more content…
That has climate change, such as global warming, had a severe impact on, and these changes are affecting the ecosystems in The Coral Triangle and the local people living in the area. It is rising the temperatures, acidifying and rising seas. This problem has been caused of the overproduction of the greenhouse gas CO2 which is driven by burning fossil fuels. Unfortunately, the concentration of CO2 are 37% higher than for thousands of years ago. This overproduction is heating the planet and the coral reefs have experienced major bleaching because of the rising temperatures. Since 1955, 90% of the atmosphere’s excess heat has been absorbed by the oceans. The annual maximum and minimum temperatures of the oceans surrounding the coral reefs are rising rapidly. It’s increasing with 0.09-0.12°C per decade and is expected to increase with 1-4°C around year 2100. If the temperatures rise to more than 2°C all coral-dominated reef systems will be gone. The coral reefs has an important impact on the spawning grounds for the many species of fish that is to be found in The Coral Triangle, but these coral reefs are also protecting millions of people from flooding in coastal cities. Climate change will create longer and more extreme floods, droughts, cyclones and typhoons plus the sea level will rise with the minimum of 1 metre. This rising sea level will especially affect…show more content…
And the climate changes that are happening right now are affecting the fish. This is very bad as a third of the world’s tuna come from The Coral Triangle. When the oceans are getting warmer because of global warming, so will the fish body temperature and this will be shown in the important biological processes including growth and reproduction. If the fish is going to reproduce it can only happen in a narrow temperature range and that’s why it is one of the problems of rising sea temperatures. When the pH-unit in the water changes, it has an impact on fish and fish eggs. Fish eggs are very sensitive to these changes and the amount of fish may drop. This is a life changing incident for people living in the area because their income is depending on the fish living in The Coral Triangle. An important source is the sale of fish to other parts in Asia as Hong Kong and the mainland in

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