Factors Affecting The Hospitality Industry

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Influences affecting the industry Review the development of the industry and the reasons for change Changes in fashion can lead to the development and improvements of the tourism industry. Changes in fashion affected the popularity or selected designations. Change in fashion could lead to creations of more and expended variety of services and products, in order the meet the customer’s requirement. People’s expectations are also another factor that changes the tourism industry. People’s expectations change rapidly and continuously. This modifies the industry as customer satisfaction is vital for the growth of the industry. Development in technology exaggerates competition in the tourism and hospitality industry. The industry uses internet to promote its deals of tour and related services on social media sites at competitive rates. Technology is also variously used for other services such as online booking system, communication system and etc. Therefore, technology is considered to be essential change which develops the tourism and hospitality industry. Travel sectors undergone a lot of changes because of customer’s wants and its focuses on customer’s satisfactions. Now days, travel sector provide clients with cheaper travel options, which attracts increasing number of traveler. Those traveling for business purposed are focused and have particular necessities. They expect a finest working environment, suitable facilities and merest disturbance. This caused tourism and
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