Factors Affecting Voter Turnout In America

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The voter turnout in American politics is dangerously low due to the fact that the citizens feel their vote is no longer a voice. In addition, the citizens of United States have realized the electoral college is overseeing the body of government in elections. The people also do not vote due to the fact their day is busy and in some fields, leaving early from work to vote isn't an option. The citizens therefore do not have time out of their day and since it's not categorized as a "national holiday", they simply fall off the wagon. So why is the voting percentage lower than other nations? A reason is that the right to vote is promoted and normally, the general population will have that designated day off in other democracies. I believe the problem is all of the above and has many factors that affect the voter turnout.…show more content…
The current mindset is that voting is a right but since someone else is in charge "aka" the electoral college,this vote is basically worthless. Culture is a definitive factor of voter turnout due to the fact that in many communities, they are discouraged to vote especially in the minority community.The way the society perceives voting affects voting not just at the moment but in future generations too as for the ideas are passed on from child to child. I is also an institutional issue because the nation as a whole isn't promoting the right to vote and why its necessary to the communities with the lowest voting rates. A proposed idea to increase the voter turn out is to make people acknowledge,voting is a civic right. We as a society must advocate the importance of voting for progress at an early childhood. Also we must demographically target the lowest voting communities and outreach to

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