Factors Affects Academic Performance

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Chapter II Review of Related Literature This chapter encompasses a number of related studies and literature that contains relevant information in accordance to the study, factors affecting academic performance of Grade 11 students of University of Batangas which are highly beneficial and significant to the readers. Related Literature Academic performance is indeed a substantial part in a student’s educational journey. Academic performance may depend on the students and many other factors which can affect the students positively and negatively. It is related to the students for them to enhance and motivate others. This study seeks to discover the factors that affect their academic performance. Many researches have been conducted and discussed the factors that affect the academic performance of students and these factors are divided into two, internal and external factors. First are the internal factors that include factors like communication and…show more content…
Socioeconomic factors involves the social and economic factors. Socio economic factors include class attendance, family and family income, parent’s educational background and teacher-student ratio. Reddy and Talcott (2006) contested that future academic gains are resolute by preceding performance. In their research on the relationship between previous academic performance and subsequent achievement at university level, they found that students learning or studying at graduate level and the score secured did not predict any academic achievement at university level. It is said that the inspiration of students came from the known personalities and not just with the famous ones but particularly their parents. Most of the students follow the footsteps of their parents that become their motivation for a good academic performance all the way to the attainment of academic
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