Role Of Social Media In Education

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Since the last decade, it was believed that education was the equalizer. Anyone who has access to education could succeed. While education is still considered as a great tool to win the race, social media has emerged as the new equalizer. Anyone with an internet accessible phone can easily access to social media tools such as Facebook, twitter, linkedin, Instagram to spread ideas, raise money and even start or join in arevolution. Nonprofit organizations in Bangladesh have a unique opportunity to use social media to develop and scale their causes and donations throughonline. Today, it is very illogical to deny the dominance of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and blogs. Many nonprofit organizations in different…show more content…
The mobility of rural people to urban area, increased highly educated group, and people‘s eagerness toward online activities are greatly marked in this changing social structure. As the urban people in Bangladesh lack the entertainment opportunities to pass their leisure time, they are increasingly motivated to pass their time interacting with friends and family members through social media. The growth of the Internet has provided opportunities to nonprofit seeking funds in new ways. It has also allowed all organizations to ask for funds, regardless of the size of the organization. Organizations may address all of a donor‘s potential questions and needs through the Internet and social media. These tools provide an excellent way to reach out to new donors.
This study aims to find out the impact of social media usage to create brand awareness for nonprofit organizations of Bangladesh. Thestudywill measure the variablesinfluencing the brand awareness of nonprofit organizations through usage of social media. Brand awareness can be developed through brand recognition and brand recall(Aaker, 1991). So, we will analyze how brand recognition and brand recall variables are working in online to create brand awareness for nonprofit organizations. Accordingly, we will find the factors which will influence the brand awareness of NPOs throughthe usage of social
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Many organizations have begun to use social media to create brand awareness among customers.
Brand awareness is much related with communication about the brand with customers. This is howAaker (1991) explains the awareness as: ―A name is like a special file folder with specific name stored in the mind which can be filled with some facts and feelings. Without such a file quickly accessible in memory, the facts and feelings become misfiled, and cannot be readily accessed when needed. Brand awareness is dependent upon both the situation such as some stored file-brand recognition and they are readily accessible-brand recall. Thus the expected level of awareness will achieved.
Brand recognition: This is the first stage of brand awareness. It is when the consumers can easily identifya specific brand among others; aided recall. Aided recall can also be explained as a situation where a set of given brand names from a given product class is shown. The task is then to identify the predefined brand name. Brand recognition is an important factor when a consumer passes through the buying procedure (Aaker,
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