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DISNEY INCREASE IN STREAMING OF SPORTS ONLINE The New York Post newspaper, quoting New England Patriots boss Robert Kraft, revealed live sports streaming is currently the way to go. This report also says a Reuters Report states that Amazon is likely to charge advertisers the sum of 2.8 million dollars for over-the-top advertising on Thursday Evening soccer matches. Taking this trend into consideration, The Walt Disney Company is forced to take a closer glance at ESPN’s programming strategy. The sports programmes are a lucrative revenue stream for media companies because this does allow them to generate revenue through advertising. Disney 's Theme Parks are riding high.Here’s why According to a Barron’s report from the summer of 2017, quoting Mr Morgan Stanley analyst…show more content…
With such a fanbase all over the globe and a company that just keeps getting bigger, Disney’s marketing team are clearly doing something right. Here I look at some of its more powerful marketing strategies. 1.Using Nostalgia in establishing and maintaining customers loyalty. Disney has a true emotional impact on people’s lives ever since it was first created in 1923.To harness these feelings as a marketing tool, Disney has mastered the use of nostalgia by reviving classic films such as The Jungle Book. 2.Targeting Audience segments with Multi-channel strategy. Disney keeps its fans engaged by strategically creating content for the different audience groups.It 's official Star Wars Instagram page which has a total 6 million followers keeps its audience updated with videos,recipes,fun knowledge. The hit movie Frozen targeted much younger followers so they used a different medium for young people-toys and consumer

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