Factors: Climate Change: Caused Our Environment

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CLIMATE CHANGE: PRESERVE OUR ENVIRONMENT The earth’s climate has been constantly changing over the past millions of years. Dynamic changes have begun to affect human lives emotionally and physically. Reliable evidences and sources have suggested the past to be colder and warmer. However, these changes have been occurring even rapidly compared to the past years. It all started when scientist was giving their perceptions on who was responsible for climate change. Up to then, the earth was entirely blamed to cause these significant changes until the mid-18th century where the effects of man-made activities was identified. Temperature records from the 19th century shows an increase in the earth’s temperature by about 0.8C. while about 0.6C of the increase took place in the past 3 decades. After knowing the causes and effects of climate change, the society does nothing to reduce their emissions. In fact, the increase in the emissions have been projected to continue ever since the industrial revolution. Climate change can be classified into two distinct categories, natural and man-made. Over the last hundreds of years, natural contributors of climate change have been multiplying. Even though these factors are external causes of climate change, they are still held responsible for the changes by a few scientists. Such factors include, asteroids collision, volcanic activity, solar output, orbital changes, and ocean currents. Firstly, Based on Dr Andrew Glikson (Australian National
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