Environment Essay: The Positive Effects Of Climate Change

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The earth’s climate has been constantly changing over the past millions of years. Dynamic changes have begun to affect human lives emotionally and physically. Reliable evidences and sources have suggested the past to be colder and warmer. However, these changes have been occurring even rapidly compared to the past years. It all started when scientist was giving their perceptions on who was responsible for climate change. Up to then, the earth was entirely blamed to cause these significant changes until the mid-18th century where the effects of man-made activities was identified. Temperature records from the 19th century shows an increase in the earth’s temperature by about 0.8C. while about 0.6C of the
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Over the years, human influences on the climate change has been increasing subsequently. In addition to the nature, human activity can change the earth’s landscape. A number of components are responsible for this effect. However, all their activities produce various gasses which in turn increases the greenhouse gases causing the earth to warm and . At a Large-scale fossil fuels are being burnt daily for transport, industry, construction, consumption, and power, producing carbon dioxide making the earth even warmer. The burning of fossil fuel also produces sulphur dioxide which mixes with water vapor thus, reflecting the sunlight making the earth cooler. As population rises, more livestock are needed. Leading to more methane being produced. With excessive deforestation, sometimes burning rainforest, more carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere with fewer trees present to absorb the emissions. Car exhausts especially during traffic and nitrogen fertilisers used on farm beside rivers, producing nitrous oxide. Not only affecting the air but also the water and its species. CFCs found in fridges, air conditioning and in manufacture of aerosols creates holes in the ozone layer as it remains in the stratosphere hence, allowing harmful sunlight’s UV rays to penetrate the atmosphere. Increasing industrialisation especially the testing of bombs has measurably enlarged the amount of greenhouse gases. The build-up of these gases has natural impact on the environment. It has the potential to reach the level of warming that no scientist has ever

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