Factors Contributed To Change In The Workplace Essay

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In this 21st century, everything is moving at a very fast paced and in order to follow the flow, one must adjust according to the needs or demands of the society. The same goes for the environment at workplace because it is changing and the skills required are different. So, in this report, factors that contribute to the change in the workplace, contemporary skills and action plan will be discussed.

2.0 Discussion

2.1 Factors Contributed To Change in Workplace

When it comes to the workplace, things are different from the way they were many years ago. It is said that changes in the workplace is due to the ever-changing nature of work and role of the workplace in business strategy (O’Neill and Wymer, 2011). Several factors has contributed to the change in the workplace and one of it is the evolution of technology. Technology has made life simpler by making it possible to communicate through several platforms and enable us to
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According to Hill et al. (2008), workplace flexibility is the ability of employees to decide when, where, and for how long should they engage in the job-related responsibilities. Different people are productive in the different time of the day and they want to have a greater power to determine how things should be done. The way certain things conducted in the workplace has still been so conservative and employees want to explore simpler or modified approach when handling a problem. Sometimes, there are family commitments and work-family conflict that forced the employees to rearrange their work schedule which indirectly impact their work performance. It is proven that job flexibility are able to reduce work-family conflict (Hill et al. 2004). Employers will soon look out for results rather than time spent on a job as the measures of productivity and offer less conservative way while working to keep their capable
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