Cultural Factors Of Globalization

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Key factors that drive globalization Cultural factors of globalization: The cultural aspect of globalization is something which got global attention immediately. How we view events across the world is defined by Global media. The breaking up of space and time as a result of electronic media has a lot to do with the global interaction regardless of the disparities. The modern method of communication was changed by the new phenomena such as participatory journalism, online communities and transnational activism organized through online networks. The result of globalization is a rapid growth of social relations and social organizations on the internet. The new online communication has been influencing the minds of people through social networks,…show more content…
Globalization is marked with increasing economic integration and growing economic interdependence between countries of the world. There is an increased cross border movement of goods, technology, people, information etc. Globalization brings new potentials for development and wealth creation. But there are divergent views on the economic impact of globalization. Few argue that the present model of globalization has increased the problems of unemployment, inequality and poverty, while others contend that globalization helped to reduce these aspects. The goal of globalization is to meet the need of people thereby increasing their standard of living, freedom and liberty and thereby a prosper life. But today, globalization has increased the gap between rich and poor and has lead to the marginalization of certain sections of the…show more content…
Many have organized themselves into trade blocs like European Union, the WTO, the G8. This has reduced the sovereignty of nation states in taking important decisions with respect to their country where we see massive intervention of these organizations in all fields. It should be noted that the executive body of all these organizations are from USA and European countries which was reflected in their decisions as all of them were pro West legislations.Another major impact of globalization is the increased influence of Non Governmental Organizations in public policy like humanitarian aid, developmental efforts etc. Many organizations have come forward with the mission of uplifting the most unprivileged societies of the world where there is massive funding of millions of dollars. Globalization has also lead to the growth of terrorism. Terrorism can be seen as a response from certain groups of people who were neglected and humiliated for centuries which lead to the widespread terrorist networks across world which was accelerated with the ultra modern technology helping them to strengthen their network and

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