Expatriate Selection Process Essay

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Due to increased globalisation around the world the expatriate rate has significantly grown and has become a more important tool within organisations. The word Expatriate means an individual living in a country other than their country of citizenship, often temporarily and for work reasons (M. Naufal, 2004). Besides that, the globalisation of business has resulted in the increasing use of expatriates by organization to fulfil a variety of functions in their offshore operations. Therefore, in order to acheive competitive advantage, organisation need to view the selection management as a critical part of their international human resourse management strategy. According to M. Naufal (2004), selection is the process of gathering information for…show more content…
Technical and managerial skills are an essential criterion. Therefore, research findings consistently indicate that multinationals place heavy reliance on relevant technical skills during the expatriate selection process. Reinforcing the emphasis on technical skills is the relative ease with which the multinational may assess the candidate's potential, as technical and managerial competence can be determined on the basis of past performance.Since expatriate are predominantly internal recruits, personnel evaluation records can be examined and checked with the candidate's past and present…show more content…
Other than that, inter-cultural competence is known as important, it is difficult to precisely define what this comprises, let alone assess a candidate‟s suitability in this regard. One has to take into consideration aspects such as the individual‟s personality, attitude to foreigners, ability to relate to people from another cultural group and so on. In additional, successful expatriate usually accept new host country culture and become less affected by the cultural differences. They become more comfortable dealing with unfamiliar situations and more tolerant of cultural habits that they may previously have been disturbed

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