Factors In Wendy Kopp's Teach For America

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What are the factors in Wendy Kopp’s background that led her to found Teach for America? How effective is she as its leader? When someone thinks of a leader, they may think of someone who possesses the qualities of an extroverted person. Wendy Kopp is an example of a leader who didn’t let her shyness prevent her from becoming a leader. Kopp came from a privileged background where her advantages made her slightly ignorant of the opportunities for those who were not as privileged as her. Kopp seemed to live a life where she was sheltered and wasn’t aware of reality outside of where she was from. Despite this unawareness, Kopp still wanted to make an impact in whatever work she chose. From her youth, she realized how important education was and how it can create grand opportunities. She saw how education can level the metaphorical playing field. In a sense, it is slightly ironic to see that Kopp struggled financially with her foundation. I believe Kopp is effective as a leader because she is resilient. She could have stayed defeated when she was rejected for the jobs she applied to. Despite these rejections and her initial issues in creating Teach for America, she never gave up and kept on with her goals that were in mind. I believe she is effective as a leader because she knew the potential of her vision overpowered the initial financial struggles. Kopp accepted the challenge to fight for her organization. Kopp wasn’t completely stubborn, she reworked the

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