Factors Influence Second Language Learning

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Motivation. It plays an important factor in everyone’s life. It affects the perception of the person towards his/her goal. It influences the person on how she/he looks or visualize the future. The word motivation derives from the Latin word movere meaning ‘to move’. What moves a person to make certain choices and to engage in action? In short it attempts to answer the question “Why we do what we do?” In simplest way, motivation is defined as an instrument or a force that pushes and drives a person to do things.

So why do people wants to learn English, basically because it is necessary to communicate to other people since it is one of the most common among foreign language speakers. It also opens up opportunities regardless of ethnicity, color,
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It was said that there are numerous factors that influence second language learning, but learners’ motivation and the desire to learn a specific language are oftentimes the key element to improve and succeed. This notion was supported by Dornyei. According to him there are three distinct levels or elements of motivation. The first is the language level which includes both integrative and instrumental motivation. These element focus on the reactions and attitudes. Then the second is the learner level which focuses on the reaction of the person towards the language and the learning situation. In this level, motivation is viewed as a function on each individual not a need, drive or state. The source of the action is when the information that is taught to them is transformed in to a belief. The third is the learning situation level, these are the things or people the person interacts with. This element is divided into three: course-specific which refers to the interest in the course, its relevance to one’s needs, expectancy of success and satisfaction in the outcome. Next is the teacher-specific which refers to the affiliative drive, authority type and the direct socialization of motivation (modelling, task presentation and…show more content…
There are certain ways to motivate students in learning English. First, using various and interesting material. Students must develop the four skill in learning English which are: listening, speaking, reading and writing. So teachers must prepare fun and exciting activities to catch the attention of the student. With that students tend to realize that learning English is interesting and enjoyable with their participation which is the key to maintain their motivation. Second, involving new and effective technique. The use of Internet, educational software and other innovative material can stimulate students’ intrinsic motivation. Third, high expectation and using reward appropriately. It can be used as extrinsic motivation for the student. The teacher should show emotional support and confidence in the student’s abilities. Moreover, teacher must should have positive feedback with the students. Fourth, create a relaxed and positive learning climate. The teacher should allow students to express their thoughts and opinion broadly. And when the students commits mistake, the teacher should correct the student with warm comments. Fifth, cooperative activities. In cooperative activities, students can decrease fear of failure while communicate and exchange information effectively and involve with high emotion and efforts to solve problems.

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