Factors Influencing Consumer Buying Behaviour

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Consumer buying behaviour is influenced by many factors. These are Cultural factors, Social factors, Personal factors, Psychological factors, Economic factors, etc.

Cultural Factors Culture : Culture is the basic factor which determines persons needs, desires and behaviour.Culture is the mixture of physical and non-physical elements. People learn their basic values, wants and about goods of daily life from the families and other groups of society. Consumers buying behaviour changes fron one area to other area or from country to country.Marketers should make their policies about products according to the cultural values of persons and wants of consumers. Young
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Reference groups, family members, role and status of persons in a society influences the decision making of consumers.
Reference groups : Reference groups are the groups that affects persons decision patterns.. Family is the basic influential factor for persons buying behavior. Family members, friends, relatives, and other society members generally forms reference groups. Family have a deep influence on thinking of members and it influences the decision making process of members. Consumer who have father, mother, wife, children would like to buy for them.
Role and status : A persons role and status in society plays an important part in his buying patterns and their preferences of goods and services. A person working on the officers post would like to purchase luxurious goods for his family. A person of lower and middle class would like to purchase goods of daily
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Consumers behavior is the indicator of influences of factors such as age, occupation, lifestyle, economic condition and personality. We can understand the buying behavior by the study of consumers purchasing habits, tendencies and preferences. A persons work or profession has direct influences on his buying of goods and services. Age of the consumer at time of purchasing determines his liking of goods. A young boy would like to buy smart phone and jeans –shirt for him. A middle aged man would like sober clothes. Life styles plays important part the person’s life. Fashionable persons want to buy latest gadgets, mobiles, latest style clothes and latest style motorcycle. A persons likes, dislikes, attitudes and perception about life describes his buying behavior. Economic prosperity also affects nature of people. Wealthy people like luxurious goods services for their life. Poor people wants goods and services which are essential to maintain their life. The personality of consumers also affects their decisions about consumption. Marketers have to formulate their strategies on the basis of personal factors the influences
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