Factors Influencing Employability

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Factors influencing graduate employability within an open-distance learning (ODL) institution.


Employability has many definitions, most of which encompass the idea that it is, “the propensity of students to obtain a job.” (Harvey, 2010) However, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has given a formal definition of the word as, “Employability is the possession by an individual of the qualities and competencies required to meet the changing needs of employers and customers and thereby help to realise his or her aspirations and potential in work.” (Lindsay, 2004)

An open-distance learning (ODL) institution can be seen as an institution that provides education with the use of telecommunication. (Rouse, 2005) This means,
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However, Lee Harvey states, “There are two interrelated problems with such pragmatic measures. First, the insistence that `employability’ should be measured by outcomes in the form of recent graduate employment rates. Second, the tendency to slide into a view that employability is an institutional achievement rather than the propensity of the individual student to get employment.” (Harvey, 2010) It is noted, however, that institutions do have some influence on employability as they provide experience and encouragement to students helping them to become…show more content…
Jacquelyn P. Robinson further defines these skills:

(Robinson, 2000)


“Even an excellent degree in a vocational subject cannot assure a student of a graduate level job.” (Geoff Baker, 2010) This statement makes one aware that although there are a considerable amount of factors that influence graduate employability, a standard degree does not necessarily guarantee any employment status. However, a degree from an open-distance learning institution, working experience, a positive attitude to the labour market and employability skills, could make the difference when applying for a position.

We can clearly see that distance learning means a larger geographical cover and exposure, which means a broader network where students can apply for jobs. (Unknown, What is distance learning?, 2009) Although not all factors influencing graduate employability were discussed in this paper, the main factors were

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