Factors Influencing Health And Wellbeing Analysis

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LO3 Understand the factors influencing health and wellbeing individuals in health and social care setting. 3.1 Assess the health and wellbeing priorities for individuals in a particular health and social care setting. There are several factors that affect the health of an individual. According to Bianchi such factors are physical, sociological, psychological, economic and environmental factors. Physical factors include hormonal balance of an individual, genetic disorder and immune system. Every individual has different physical characteristics that impact his health and wellbeing. Having high cholesterol or blood pressure is usually genetic. Psychological factors are a person’s habits and way of thinking. Some are usually more stressed or have behavior like smoking, alcohol or unsafe sex activities that impact individual’s health and wellbeing. Depression is a big cause of health problems today. Many people are suffering from depression because of the excessive stress at work and home and it’s purely psychological. Environmental factors are those when people work in a hazardous atmosphere which impacts their health. Work like coal mining severely affects a person’s health. The increase of pollution in our environment is affecting health. The emission of greenhouse gases is something that is a big factor in health and wellbeing issues. Sociological and Economic factors include a person’s education, income, living standards. Poor people are more prone to health problems

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