Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction Essay

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“Job or employee satisfaction has been defied in many ways. The feeling is based on perception of satisfaction of employee. Some think that it is just that an employee is satisfied with his job or not. If job is according to employee requirement, interest and qualification than he is satisfied with his job. If environment of sector or organization in which employee is working is not good and there is too much work stress than employee is dissatisfied with his job.

Definitions: “Contentment arising out of interplay of employee's positive and negative feelings toward his or her work.”
Job satisfaction is defined as
"The extent to which people like (satisfaction) or dislike (dissatisfaction) their jobs"

Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction:
The following are important factors of employee’s job satisfaction:
1. Pay or reward.
2. Opportunities of promotion.
3. Relations with superior management and supervisors.
4. Working environment.
5. Interaction with co workers.
6. Job Security.
7. Social Simulation.
8. Opportunity for promotion.
9. Recognition and appreciation.
10. Working hour and physical condition.

Mechanism of Job Satisfaction:
Two are more popular
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Not all employees are satisfied with their jobs and not all are dissatisfied with their jobs. If an employee is satisfied with his job than he works with great zeal and work in a good manner because he knows that his work is his power and if organization provide him good working environment and facilities then it also demands excellent performance. So employee feels their responsibilities and work in a proper manner because he done the job of his interest. If employee is not satisfied with his job and working conditions of organization then he try to find new job of his interest and switch to another

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