What Are The Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction

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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The focus of this dissertation is on employee satisfaction and how it may be enhanced. In any organization employees can be thought of as internal customers and there is a need to satisfy them if external customers are to be retained and satisfied. In other words, successful organizations can maintain their advantage only by satisfying the employees and then motivating towards continuous improvement. The workplace is a second home for employees because they survive more than 40 hours a week in the working environment. In this study, we have reviewed the definitions of job satisfaction and productivity in order to address the factors that influence, the relation between the two in terms of…show more content…
The third category believes that many concepts and definitions of job satisfaction involve an evaluation process. Factors influencing job satisfaction of creating "job satisfaction" in a person is dependent on several factors together which lead to the achievement of the desired result. Lack of some of these factors may lead person to become dissatisfied with the job. Factors such as the amount of earnings the soul and the nature of work and its social status; prestige and reputation, enhance job safety, lack of role ambiguity, physical conditions, structure and organizational culture and communication with colleagues, according to the characteristics, performance evaluation, fit, flexible, innovative approach. Job satisfaction is a multi-dimensional attitude it is made up of attitude towards pay, promotion, relationship with co-workers, supervision, work conditions, benefits, contingent rewards, nature of work, communication, participation, performance evaluation system of the company etc. (Cascio, 2002). Employee job satisfaction is one of the significant aspects of organizational effectiveness (Chapagai, 2011). Generally, it is an employee general attitude toward the…show more content…
1.7 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The result of this study will be very essential for the all employees of commercial banks includes managers, mid-level employees and lower level employees and also can benefit financial institution such as banks, insurance companies in Mogadishu. As to improve the socio economic development by eradicating dissatisfaction, discrimination and also the study will be useful for potential researcher as literatures, which are interesting to carry out for further study in this field. 1.8 OPERATIONAL DEFINITIONS OF VARIABLES Measurements of job satisfaction are financial and non-financial The financial measurements include: Incentive Pay: Incentive pay plans are meant to increase output, which can be measured quantitatively. For incentive plan targets, the employees must have confidence that they can achieve the targets. Profit Sharing: It means sharing of profits with the employees by way of distribution of bonus. Profit sharing plan has its shortcomings, one, that it has become a regular feature in government departments irrespective of performance and two, it may have no relation with individual

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