Quiet Leadership

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Management of any business is directly responsible for decisions that are taken. And those decisions varies according to the styles of the management. And the style differ one to another based on number of environmental and motivational factors. The way management choose to lead affects the way how the workers of the organization perform. So on it affects the way goods and services of the organization earn money, satisfy clients and eventually the profits.
Leadership, while often steeped in personal style, should not be arbitrary. There are number of factors that affect the leadership of an organization and manage personnel more effectively.
Management itself
Managers should understand their liabilities. The staff observes the management,
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This kind of management style can be advantageous in a fast-paced work environments. Because in such an environment it is required people need to quickly make the decisions for daily work tasks. Here in such a situation employees are motivated by the confidence in the managers’ ability to make accurate and productive decisions.
Democratic Leadership
Democratic leaders let employees get involved in the decision making and often do not make decisions without the help of the workers. The motivational tactic used by a democratic leader is getting employees included in to the decision making process.
Quiet Leadership
Quiet leaders sit back and allow the staff to make operational decisions. This kind of managerial approach is most effective with proactive and highly trained work groups. Quiet leaders motivate the staff by being a resource for information when needed. Employees are allowed to dictate themselves. If an employee's production starts to drop off, the quiet leader will offer a developmental program to help get the employee back on track.
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The hierarchical structure breaks down each system into controllable parts. With this structure, higher levels have greater authority over lower levels. Lower levels of the hierarchy must take direction from the level directly above.
Businesses that offer a wide variety of products and service in several different markets utilize a divisional workplace structure. This structure groups the company together by different product and customer divisions. Each market, product and customer division has its own set of units, such as research, marketing and sales.
Here in the ABS Company the workplace has structured on the theme dream as a team. That has basically build upon on a simple structure where workers have their freedom to function freely whilst main decision are taken by the management. Employees have the freedom and the flexibility to use their knowledge and skills in order to perform. Communication is done very clearly in a way that each member of the team can attend on the process in order to make increase the effectiveness of workplace.

How ABS should be
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