Factors Influencing My Decision To Go To College

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Ibrahim Demry

There are a lot of factors that could influence a person to go to college such as getting paid more than high school graduates, acquiring new skills, just getting a better education, because certain jobs require you to have a college degree, or because you want to learn new skills to do a specific job. The factors that are influencing my decision to go to college are getting paid more money, learning more about what I want to do in the future, because not everyone in my family had the opportunity to go to college and I don't want to waste my chance, or simply because everyone expects me to go to college.
One thing that can influence a person's decision to go to college is getting paid more money. In the article “Graduates Pay is slipping, but Still Outpaces Others” writer Tyler Cowen states “the wage differential between college graduates and high school graduates...the college premium...is growing” when he says this he's describing how
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She has worked as a design room assistant with a designer named Christian Fransis roth and the same position but with Daryll K. and was public relations director for Giorgio Armani she has also been the PR and marketing director at Gilt Group. Gabriela states “I love my job I enjoy doing it every day” I asked her if she could go back in time and change anything about her college experience would you? She said “I wouldn't everything went pretty good for me I don't want to change a thing”
There are a lot of factors that could influence a person to go to college some of these factors could be getting paid more or getting your dream job. Writers Tyler Cowen and Kevin Carey both explain how going to college can give you a better life. Gabriela Meriles explains what influenced her to go to college and how it helped her get the job she wanted and the life she
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