Factors Influencing Self-Esteem Essay

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How the four contributing factors shape my self-esteem
Self-esteem is used to describe of a person 's sense of self-worth or personal value and reflects a person 's overall subjective emotional evaluation of his or her own worth. It is often seen as a personality traits which is enduring. There are four contributing factors that influence our self-esteem. They are social interaction, social information, social comparison, and self-observation. Now, I will use my experience to show you how these four factors shape my self-esteem.
First, social interaction is the way people talk and act with each other which is a various structure in society. In addition, it is an important factor to improve self-esteem. Family is a great example of social
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That is in addition to human biological information and physiological information, all information relating to human social activities. Since we have a close interaction with family and peers, their messages will impacts us easily. During the DSE exam, my family didn’t see my paid on studying and blamed me that I’m not taking serious on the exam. Also, they didn’t trust me that I can get in the university. I was frustrated and started to question myself. Thus, it really made me low confident and a negative self-esteem. Family’s message impact me deeply and impinge on myself confident due to they are my closest relatives and understand me a lots.
More so, peers’ messages also impact me easily, same as family’s. We spend most of time with peers and always talk each other. We are willing to listen their advices and implement. Thus, if they give a wrong advice or some messages that make me frustrated, it will decrease my self-esteem. For instance, when I have argue with others, my friend’s advices will become important due to I will consider and listen their advices. If the advices are not suitable to solve problems, it will make more misunderstanding between me and the person who have argue with me. It is harmful to my relationship with

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