Work Performance Assessment

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Task 4.1 – Factors involved in planning, the monitoring and assessment of work performance

The process of human resources of attending to the performance by managing, identifying, measuring, and having it developed is called performance management. The main goal is to have how well the employees perform and the how to improve at the performance level determined. Performance management can be a systematic analysis and a work performance measuring tool if use correctly, that over time work performance will continue to be used.
Planning is to have performance expectations, goals, and individual groups and goals set in place to have their efforts channelled with the goal of have organization
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Consistent monitoring creates the opportunity to check on the status of employees and identify and have any problems solved in advance. The performance process is a continuous process, having relevance to consistent feedback. Even though the performance is annually appraised, it still has to be managed day and year long. A key part of the performance appraisal process is monitoring. Assistance should also be provided when necessary and having obstacles eliminated to prevent interference. Simply walking around is one of the best monitoring methods, resulting in having contacts created, having first-hand information provided, and also targeting problems, which can be quickly…show more content…
3. Having conducted the needs assessment o Obtain needs assessment data (e.g., review strategic plans, assess HR metrics, review job descriptions, conduct surveys, review performance appraisals) o Assessment data is required in the obtaining (for example, assess HR metrics, having strategic plans reviewed, job descriptions, having surveys conducted, having performance appraisals reviewed) o Having data analyzed o Identifying the problems in performance and also issues: individuals/occupational groups. o Having described the vital behaviours required to affect issues/problems o Clarify and determine why vita behaviours aren’t in existence o Having integrated performance solutions researched o If the best way is training, have the best development and training approach determined. o Having previously assessed the benefits and price of the development approach and training. o Organizational motivators need to be included to have the critical behaviours reinforced that will have an effect on issues/problems. o Providing a description on the way critical behaviours can be assessed and monitored after previous implementation of the improvement

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