Factors Lack Of Confidence In Speaking English

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Factors that causes lack of confidence in speaking English
The English speaking performance of students are mainly affected by psychological factors whereby they have good level of grammar and vocabulary in English, however, they lack of confidence to speak. According to Elia & Irianti (2015), psychological factors are the mental factors that support or deter people for making ‘frame of mind’ to accomplish things.
Lack of confidence is the feeling of uncertain of their self-worth and a sense of inferior to the others. This type of people tend to disengage themselves because they are sneaking suspicion of their own wisdom and talent. Lack of confidence implication begin from the shortcoming in various personality aspect (Elia
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Therefore, this situation signify that the fear of making mistakes is also due to shyness as the students want to avoid failure in pronouncing the accurate English word in front of the whole class as well as the lecturers. A few students also confirmed the fact that shyness is part of their cultural background which are…show more content…
Concerning to the fear of making mistake, it is very much influenced by the students’ fear of being laughed at by other students or being criticized by the teacher. As a result, students commonly stop participating in the speaking activity (Hieu, 2011). With respect to this issue, Juhana (2012) also stated that the fear of making mistake is largely connected to the concern of negative evaluation and correction. Students are very much concern on their images as they are unwilling of looking foolish in front of others and that they are worried about the judgement from people as how other will see them. Most students are afraid to try to speak in a foreign language they learn because they are avoiding negative evaluations and do not want to be laugh at by their peers in case if they make mistakes. Relating to the condition in IIUM, it is no doubt that students insecurities with their peers stop them from conversing in English. The thought that making mistakes is somewhat embarrassing is the one factor that totally affect student’s
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