Factors Leading Renaissance: What Factors That Lead To The Renaissance?

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Factors leading renaissance
After the medieval period, the Renaissance begun in the fourteenth century, it was counted as a cultural bridge between the middle ages and the modern civilization. Actually it considers as a revolution in the culture and social movement in Italy then spread in the rest of Europe.
Europe was under the authority of the church before the Renaissance, people at this time had no right to ask or inquire the authorities of the church, they were either killed or isolate if they ask, only the rich people were educated and could read the holy books and there were few rights to the noble.
In the middle ages people had fight to educate, all knowledge came from the church, the nobles provided the king with protection to exchange the land, and farmers worked in the noble land for the nobles, in order to have the protection for their own small lands, it was much easier in the small middle-class population, individuals worked in trade and commerce, In the late middle ages, the citizens left their countries for towns and cities to have more profit.
There are many factors that led renaissance starts in Italy and then spread in the rest of Europe such as
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