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Reading is a very good hobby, it helps us in many ways, everyone should develop this good habit but, unfortunately, now-a-days, it is the pass time of the minority. Nevertheless, all of us must have read some novel at least once and we must have our favourite novels. These are often works of fiction, a glimpse of the writer’s imagination while some writers pen down their own experiences. A fiction is a narrative form derived from the writer’s imagination. There are various forms of fiction, namely, novels, novellas and short-story. A fiction is said to be good if it is loved and appreciated by its readers. As if the readers like a piece of work, they will definitely suggest their friends to try it. Some of the factors contributing towards making a good fiction are: well-developed characters, action, a great plot, refreshing and new concept, etc. A good fiction helps us to relax and forget the problems in our lives.
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A great plot is all it takes to make a good fiction. The plot is the soul of a novel and hence, it must be very good. The plot must be unpredictable as the readers get bored of the same old predictable kind of stories. The writer should keep the reader guessing right to the end by using surprising, realistic plot and twists in the tale. The reader must feel like, “I knew this was going to happen!” Just when the reader thinks, “I know what is going to happen next in the story”, there must be a new twist. People always look for something new and hence, the plot must be refreshing and new for the readers. They are always welcoming towards a new story, new situations and a new concept. The success of books like “Percy Jackson series”, “The Hunger Games series” and “ The Shiva Trilogy” proves that people like a new concept. The writer must keep this in
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