What Is My Cultural Identity

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This Is Me Before receiving this assignment I had never really thought about myself having a cultural identity much less what that identity would be. I fall into so many of the dominant subgroups I never needed to worry about being a minority. However, looking at all the factors that compose a person's cultural identity I realize that there are some categories I fall into that make me unique from those around me. I am know as a “cradle catholic”. This means I was raised in the Catholic Church from infancy. My whole childhood, religion has been a large part of my family. Every Sunday we went to church and also participated in many church organizations. It was only when I was older that I realized the whole world was not in fact Catholic. While catholicism may not be the dominant subgroup in society, it was what I considered the norm in my early life. Even as I grew and began to learn about different religions, catholicism has still remained a central part of my life. In my recent years in highschool and college, I have been fortunate to meet people from many different religious backgrounds. I…show more content…
While I have known throughout my life people of different races the majority of people who I have lasting relationships have been white. Growing up I remember being taught about the history of racism and how I should view and treat all people as equals. I find it hard to address myself as having white privilege because I will never know exactly how it has affected my life. I know that it is easier for me to buy many makeup and hygiene products because my skin color and hair type are considered more of the standard. I also know that I have never had to worry about being discriminated against because of my race. With everything happening today race is a big topic that gets brought up in schools. As a teacher it will be my responsibility to make sure all my students feel equal and treat each other as
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