Factors Of Industrialisation

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In a world where we are faced with unpredictable weather conditions due climate change and with the continuous development in our technological processes, imagine having to be stuck in an agrarian society. This essay aims to show that the rise of wealth during exploration and trade created optimal conditions for industrialisation to occur. This will be done by firstly discussing the concept industrialisation followed by the discussion of exploration and trade, as well as other factors that contributed towards industrialisation of the world.
Industrialisation is defined as the development of industries in a country on a wide scale (Oxford Dictionaries,2017). A detailed definition states that industrialisation is when the economy transforms from dealing mainly with primary agriculture to manufacturing goods instead. The knowledge of history gives us insight on why things are the way they are today and it also helps with making decisions regarding the future. Industrialisation creates a philosophical change where people change their perception of how they view nature. The first country to industrialise was the United Kingdom during the industrial revolution in the 18th century. The economy consists of the primary sector which deals with the extraction of raw materials, secondary sector which deals with the manufacturing of final products by transforming the raw materials provided by the primary sector, and the tertiary sector that focuses on rendering services and selling the
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