Factors Of Industrialization In Britain

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Have you ever wonder about how our society shifted from old manual laboring, and farming ways of the past, to the new factory and machinery age we live in now? Well, all the changes started due to the industrialization in Britain. But why begins in Britain? It’s definitely because of all the factor of production the country can offer. The factors of production are all the needs for industrialization, and most of them were widely used and formed in the end of the 19th century. Some of the important factors are the Agricultural Revolution, huge population growth and good financial innovations and stable centralized government. Each factor makes Britain the first and perfect place to industrialize, while other nations are incapable to do so. The first factor that really paves the way for the industrialization in Britain is the Agricultural Revolution in the early 1700s. During that period of time, landowners often enclosed their lands with fences and hedges, after buying them from the poor farmers. As larger lands are being owned and controlled by the rich landowners, they can do experiment with more productive seeding and harvesting ways to boost crop productions. This situation is known as the enclosure movement, which basically formed two important results. First, the movement motivates landowners to try out new agricultural methods. Second, since large farmlands are being collected by the landowners, this also affect the previous farmers to give up their jobs and move to
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