Factors Of Learner Performance In Life Science

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CHAPTER 1: BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY 1.1 INTRODUCTION This section focuses on the background and the purpose of the study. Much of the research is focused on the factors of learner performance in the Life Science subject and the methods teachers utilize to present the content in the classroom. Life Science is one of the nucleus subjects in the high school curriculum in South Africa (DoE, 2009). It is said to assist in producing wealth and to develop the quality of life. In order to develop the quality of life, the significant value of Science and Mathematics education is apparent. Although learners’ pass, the standard of Life Science is generally poor in the entire schooling system. Johnson, Scholtz, Hidges and Botha (2003: 85) has the opinion that Science teachers are under more strain than teachers in other subjects, simply because Science is viewed as a practical subject and the teaching aspect is therefore complicated by the fact that majority of the schools have few or no resources to teach Science (Johnson, et al. 2003: 85). The low performance rate of learners’ in both Science and Mathematics has a negative impact on their overall pass rate and in turn influences their future careers negatively, if they decide to pursue careers which require Science and Mathematics. 1.2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The causative factors of the low pass rate in Life Science and other Science related subjects in the Port Elizabeth region. The high rate of poor learner performance in Life

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