Essay On Low Self Esteem

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Living in society, everyone’s live is full of challenge and much considering their psychological weakness nowadays. Recalling my memory until now, there was a serous psychological weakness in my life which is low self-esteem. Reviewing my life, causes and resolution can be found.
Interpreting the causes of low self-esteem, self-esteem should be defined. It means sense of self-worth or personal value which is used for measuring how much people like and admire themselves.(Cherry K., 2017) Self-esteem is determined by central belief which is the concept toward personal region, world and future, it is also develop in childhood.(Fennell, 1999) In other word, low self-esteem means dislike and ignored personal value from a person toward himself or herself. According to Erik Erikson’s stage theory, stage 4 children, who are 5 to 12 years old in school-age, struggle
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First, it can be experience of being deviance of school or family. Central belief includes personal belief which can be affect by failure and pain. (Fennell, 1999) As negative experience affect children deeply, their central belief is affected and lower self-esteem greatly. When I was a child, I could not speak until six years old since I was lacking care in childhood and communication with others, so I was considered complicatedly in family and lonely silent person in school. In first few years of school life, I was bullied and maintaining tolerant as I could not complain them by words. For example, I was suffering in-growing toenail and receiving treatment. Afterward, my primary classmate was curious and stepped on my wound of toe. As a result, I was seen as deviance which was not “normal” enough in both school and family. In psychology, children have low self-worth as they get less support from others.(Erikson, 1965) Since children become deviance and being hurt, their self-esteem is
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