Factors Of Lxury Fashion

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Introduction The luxury product market grew around the world during the period from 1995 to 2007 (Amatulli, Guido, 2009). Luxury Fashion includes couture, ready-to-ware and accessories. Luxury Fashion industry is unique from other industries and they should dive in to too deep of marketing and promotion activities to sale products to a specified group of people. Luxury in the sense something expensive, which means there is something special than the ordinary. Consumers expect that specialty from a Luxury product. They consume those luxury products to expose their wealth, social class, and their state. There are few factors which effect to purchase intention for Luxury Fashion consumption. This literature survey is conducted to identify factors effecting towards purchase intention of Luxury Fashion. Findings of prior study There are major factors that affecting to consumers buying behavior of Luxury Fashion. “Attitudes” is the most proven factor among them and there are factors that as impact on attitudes, with their changes consumers’ attitudes also change. they have define attitudes as a combination of person’s beliefs, feeling and reaction for a object or a activity thou Authors of referred articles have mentioned that attitudes as bit complex area to define (Ajzen and Fishbein 1980). Consumers whose education is enough to know about luxury fashion products are have positive attitudes. Young women with higher education in china are usually hold hedonic attitude when they

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