Egypt Pull Factors

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Migration is a complicated procedure that has been going on in human societies for many centuries. Many People decide to leave their homes behind for all types of reasons such as, economic, social, political or environmental. New countries fascinate people by the elements that they provide, its called pull factors, which is a force that drives people away from a country or place, and the pull factor is what draws them to a new location. On the other hand, others find it tough to remain where they are and migrate to another country because of the push factors, which is a negative aspect, or condition that motivates a person to leave their homeland. Moreover, these factors have contributed to the migration of people over the years. Migrant numbers…show more content…
Sandra (8 years old) and Seif (12 years old) are both enrolled at a public school in Egypt. Both of them do not feel safe any longer in Egypt and they continuously tell their parents about leaving. Sandra dreams of becoming a teacher one day and as for Seif, he wants to become a doctor.

There are push and pull factors in every country in the world. Since the 1970s, Egyptians have been immigrating in large numbers. In Egypt, the need to migrate continues to be driven by the increasing of unemployment and bad living conditions. The factors that are considered a push factor in Egypt are based on the economical increase, lack of education, lack of medical care, lack of security and discrimination, and finally the lack of job opportunities. Many people have been complaining about the economical increase in Egypt lately. Due to the economical increase, the percentage of poverty in Egypt has been increasing as well. People are struggling to afford their basic needs, like Youssef and his family. Moreover, lack of education is another huge factor that made Youssef’s family take the decision to immigrate. There are many reasons why the education in Egypt is lacking. Whether it is
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Youssef and his family will have to sell all their belongings, including their home, car, and even some of their personal items in order to afford traveling to Canada. Another obstacle that they might face is losing their traditions when they travel abroad. Many people forget their culture when they decide to live somewhere else, due to the different culture that they are surrounded in. in addition, It is very difficult to leave someone’s family behind and start a new life. Sandra and Seif are extremely attached to their friends at school as well as their cousins, thus the idea of immigrating might affect them. In fact, Canada contains push factors as well. The weather in Canada might be a concern to Youssef’s family since it is very cold throughout the whole year. Problems with housing, transportation, and employment might not be as easy as it seems. Cultural differences might be a problem for some people because of the different traditions of a country. “Struggling to Adapt: One Syrian Refugee Family 's Story” a documentary by The National, is about a Syrian family who immigrated to Canada but are having difficulties to adapt. The Syrian family is very similar to Youssef’s family, they do not speak English that well and are having troubles communicating with others. Therefore, one of the
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