Factors Of Motivation In The Workplace

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Factors of motivation
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Factors of motivation
Motivation is an important aspect in the individual and organizational setting: without it, individual and organizational performance can be significantly affected. Since employees are the main resources for an organization, employee motivation determines the success of an organization. Various theories of motivation have been used to explain why employees act in a certain way and what organizations can do to ensure that they get the most out of employees. However, since various aspects are considered while determining how to motivate employees, motivating employees is never easy. This essay discussed factors of motivation in the organizational
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A culture of sharing, support and respect and friendly working conditions are more likely to increase motivation.
• Job security – The sense of job security directly influences employee satisfaction and when the employee feels insecure, they are likely to be dissatisfied.
• Interpersonal relations at work – The work setting is made up of different people who come together for to attain organizational goals. It is therefore necessary that workers and supervisors respect each other. Satisfied employees are those that that have healthy relationships with supervisors and colleagues. In contrast, strained relationships at work are highly likely to cause dissatisfaction and demotivation.
• Financial reward – Work promises employees the finances to support their basic needs like food, shelter and clothing. An employee who is content with the salary and benefits that he or she gets tends to be more satisfied than an employee who feels like he or she is not getting the proper
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- Managing conflict – Conflicts are common in the workplace and if there are proper guidelines that help in resolving conflicts, employees are likely to be satisfied or motivated (David, Amit, & Marc, 2015).
In conclusion, motivation is what drives the success of an organization. Factors of motivation could either be intrinsic or maintenance depending on how they directly affect the work setting. These factors are based on the Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory that is widely used in the organizational setting to explain and encourage motivation. However, other factors within the organization such as leadership style, flexibility and conflict management also influence motivation.
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