Factors Of Organizational Behavior

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Management Develop Plan Organizational Behavior (OB) studies various factors which impact how people and groups act, think, feel and respond to their work and organization and how organizations respond to their environment. For the purposes of this paper I will focus primarily on the factors of Organizational Behavior that affect individuals In this paper I will define the principles of OB and discuss how they relate to my person. I will also explain how obtaining knowledge of these principles and applying them to my life have allowed me to develop a realistic career plan where I will most likely succeed. Much research has been done regarding Personality, Cognitive Ability, Work Motivation, and Job Design. I will use this information as well…show more content…
People are often referred to as having Type A or Type B personalities. When a person has Type A personality their focus lies on self-achievement, they are competitive in nature, and have a strong sense of exigency. On the contrary, people with Type B personality are composed, flexible, and even-tempered. I find that I am neither Type A nor Type B by definition. My personality falls somewhere in between these two personalities as I am competitive and self-serving in certain situations but not all. I am even-tempered and flexible as well. Having this knowledge of myself I feel confident in my ability to be successful. I am motivated to accomplish my goals and act in regards to self- achievement but I also keep my composure. However, I consider myself Type B more so then Type A. Type B personality exerts a tendency to get along well with others, more so than Type A, and that is a something I do…show more content…
Self-monitoring is the extent to which people try to control the way they present themselves to others. High self-monitoring is a trait that pertains to my personality. This means that I want my behavior to appear socially acceptable to others and I’m aware of the cues that signal whether my behavior is acceptable or unacceptable to others. I have a tendency to conform my behavior to what is acceptable for the current situation. For these reasons I am high on self-monitoring. The need for achievement, affiliation, and power are traits within the study of personality that OB researchers have recognized. These traits are somewhat self-explanatory. The need for achievement is the need to accomplish goals and meet one’s standards. The need for affiliation is the need to create and keep positive relations with others. Thirdly, the need for power is a person’s need to employ power and influence of other people. Once again, I find that I am not entirely defined by one of these traits in particular. I have strong tendencies in my need for achievement. That is why decided to attend college and major in Accounting. My need for affiliation is important to me. Building relationships with others and making friends provides a sense of security. We cannot go through life alone. My need for power is not overbearing but I do desire to be a high ranking member

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