Seasonal Migration Research Paper

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Moving into a new country.
Return Migration
When groups of people move back to where they came from.
Seasonal Migration
When people move with each season.
What is Human Migration
Migration (human) is the movement of people from one place in the world to another. People can either choose to move ("voluntary migration") or be forced to move ("involuntary migration"). Migrations have occurred throughout the past, beginning with the movements of the first human groups from their origins in East Africa to their current homes throughout the world. Migration occurs in a variety of ways: Migration can occur between continents, within a continent, or within a single country. Migration can even occur when people move out of the city and
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In the study, push factors are poverty, unemployment and natural calamity, while better opportunity, high wage, relatives or friends stay since long time are the indicators of pull factors. Migration is a natural process that often happens depending on the socio-economic, demographic, cultural, political and environmental factors related to the migrant people. All of the factors of migration are included in two broad classifications as Push and Pull factors. Push factors are those that compel a person, due to different reasons, to leave place of origin and to go to some other place For instance, lack of work opportunities, unemployment and underdevelopment, poor economic condition, lack of opportunities, exhaustion of natural resources and natural calamities. On the other hand, pull factors indicate the factors which attract migrant to an area (area of destination), like, employment and higher education opportunities, higher wages facilities, better working…show more content…
flood, draught, soil erosion, river erosion, etc and socio-cultural factors like marriage, family conflict, social discrimination, social problems, political chaos, dominating village elders, better employment, better life living, better education facilities etc. are considered to be the determinant of internal migration. The “push”: mostly declining opportunities in agriculture Situations of surplus labour arising from scarcity of cultivated land, inequitable land distribution, low agricultural productivity, high population density and the con- centration of the rural economy almost exclusively on agriculture frequently lead to an increase in outmigration. This combination of factors creates a “push” that is encountered more often in fragile environments, examples of which are cited
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