Society Effects On Self-Esteem

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A summary of what Self-esteem is would be as follows: how someone feels about themselves, how much they think their life is worth, how much respect someone has for themselves. There are many influences that determine our self-esteem level. Society, drug or alcohol influence, and relationships are three factors that often have an input on how we view ourselves as all three factors are constantly giving input on what we should and shouldn’t do and how we should conduct our lives. Society and the people around us have a big influence on how we feel about ourselves, or our self-esteem. Society often defines who we are as people and how we should act. The constant constraints that society puts on our behavior can often cause people to feel “trapped” causing someone to feel as though they have no input and sometimes even causing people to become depressed. Our surrounding areas or the society we live in also place unobtainable…show more content…
Drugs affect people in many ways by releasing chemicals into our body to affect the ways that we think. “Low self-esteem is considered the number one factor for causing a drug or alcohol addiction.” “A person may feel like they have no stability in their life, or self-created stability. Most of the time these people feel as if they have no control over their own life and things are not stable.” (The Cabin) When someone feels bad about any type of situation, they often resort to drugs and alcohol to help act as an “escape” from their situation. “Many of those who are dealing with low self-esteem will turn to substance abuse because it offers temporary solution to their problems. Using alcohol and drugs to escape their feelings of low self-esteem only leads to further misery and addiction” (Alcohol Rehab) The drugs and alcohol gives the affected person stability and control over their life. These influencers also allow them to feel as though the tough situation doesn’t
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