Factors Of Suicide In Prisons

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The issue of suicide in prisons is vaguely seen in the discussion of suicide. The topics that are most favored on suicide are suicide related to teenagers, the prevention methods of suicide, why people commit suicide and so on. Rarely is a topic on suicide in prisons seen. The journal used in this paper is Suicide in Prisoners: A Systematic Review of Risk Factors (2008) by Fazel Seena, Cartwright Julia, Norman-Nott Arabella, and Hawton Keith. In this paper we will be discussing about the research findings of the risk factors of suicide in prisoners presented by the mentioned scholars of the journal. A concept is a mental construct that represents some part of the world in a simplified form. Sociologists use concepts to explain various aspects of life, may it be the society, race, or, in this case, suicide in prisoners. In this paper there were major factors, which can be considered to be the concepts, put into consideration during the 34 studies carried out in 12 countries comprising of 4780 suicide cases. These factors are stated below: 1. Demographic factors. These include male gender (specifically), race/ethnicity, and being married. 2. Criminological factors. These include occupation of a single cell, being in remand or a detainee and length of sentence. 3. Clinical factors. Inclusive of alcohol and drug use, psychiatric medication and suicidal thoughts. Demography is the statistical study of the human population. It is a science that varies and can be applied to any

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