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Migration is one of the biggest and most known examples of living. People migrate all the time, whether it is immigration into a country or emigrating out of a country. Any second, there is movement occurring throughout the world. Migration happens very often, especially in our modern world; needless to say, it is something that people use as privilege in order to sustain and turn their lives with better conditions. People migrate for numerous reasons, and those reasons depend on how their lives will be formed later on in time. From this we can conclude that the reasons that make people move are really important to them and they affect a big part of their lives. On a subject to this, a specific example of migration can be seen in the illegal…show more content…
economic, demographic, political, social or physical)
- how this related to the decision of the population in question to migrate
The illegal immigration from Mexico to USA was present and is still present to this very day; as a matter of fact it recently has increased majorly over a couple of years. There are multiple reasons indeed, some of them involving social, economic, political and environmental factors.
A social factor, is the increased rate of crimes. Over the time, since Mexico existed, the crime rate was always really high, especially in the capital city of Mexico, Mexico City. The murders crimes and the crime involving drugs has been their biggest disturb over the whole period of time. Over the period of couple years the homicide rates has risen up to 10% - 14% per 100,000 people (for the record, the worlds average rate for crime is 10.9%). Additionally, the crimes that were related to drugs had about 47,500 people being murdered annually. Due to that, people, were running off to USA in order to place their lives into better living conditions and not be living in fear, in which they used to
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public figures, law makers et. al.) in creating the migration event
The USA has many variety of reason why people should immigrate there, especially since while being compared to Mexico, it definitely provides people with a better life plan where their lives can expressed and at the same time be in a safe environment compared to where they lived before. The reason which make Mexicans move to USA include political, social, and environmental factors.
A social factor, is the difference of quality in lives of the citizens. Compared to Mexico, America shares a completely different lifestyle and conditions, in a sustainably better way. As previously stated, Mexico has the poverty rate of 45.5% however in America, the poverty rate equal to 14.6%. That is a massive change for the migrants. Considering that, America provides the citizens with a better health care, as well as living standards. People migrating to America are mostly looking for job opportunities, which can result in finding the same job however with a higher wages. This can very benefit the public figures that have immigrated to USA by enhancing their life quality. Also a social factor, is the movement in order to stay closer to your family and your friends. Many people consider that living closer to your family and your friends can kindly benefit each person. It may help the person settle in the community which means that you will get more help and support in your life situations.

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