Site Management In The Construction Industry

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IBYIMANIKORA Joel Gs20120587 Year 4/CMT Topic: THE IMPACT OF CONTRACTORS SITE MANAGEMENT ON PERFORMANCE IN CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY IN RWANDA 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 General introduction Construction site layout (site organization) planning is a fundamental task for any project undertaking. In practice most of construction site layout planning problems are dynamic, multi-objective and uncertain in nature. It also defined as site space allocation for material storage, working areas, units of accommodation, plants /machines positions, general circulation areas, and also access and egress for deliveries and emergency services. Title Building inspection guideline From Rwanda housing authority, published in July 2012 Most construction sites that…show more content…
So, site layout planning is concerned with the relative positions of the facility being constructed, office accommodation, plant, storage facilities, and other services/facilities. Site organization refers to the organizational structure for site management, and the mechanisms for the planning and control of construction operations. Layout and organization of the construction site are closely related and are usually the responsibility of the site/construction manager (Stukhart 1987). Site layout and organization are essential management functions which should, ideally, be given full consideration early in the construction planning stage of the construction process. These physical aspects of a site have a direct bearing upon the construction method and sequence adopted (Calvert1981), as well as an influence on such issues as productivity, health and safety, materials handling, and general site…show more content…
Main research question What is the impact of the contractor’s site management on performance in construction industry in Rwanda? 5.2. Sub-research question What is the current status of the site management on performance of contractors in construction industry? What are the impacts of site management to the contractors in construction industry? Which approaches to be used to provide the performance of contractors due to their site management? 6. THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The study will make the following significant contributions: It will show the best way that contractors can used in order to get more profit and how they can get performance due to their site management. The study will establish how the construction companies can reduces accidents on site. It will show the best ways of planning and managing the site. It will enable to the contractors the ways of maximizing the resource efficiency through procurement of labor, material and equipment. It will help the contractors to implement various operation s through proper coordination and control of planning, design, contracting and construction in the entire process. 7. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 7.1. METHODES OF DATAS COLLECTION AND DATA

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