Improving Interpersonal Communication

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The purpose of this study on the exploration of factors that affect miscommunication among employee of POS Malaysia Berhad in POS Laju. This study was to identify the relationship the factors that affect miscommunication between three of these variables. This research is also to help Pos Malaysia Berhad to improve their organizational communication to better performance and effectiveness. In this chapter, the following was discussed which is the background of the study, problem statement and the research objective. In this chapter also include research question in guiding this study, scope of the study, and the significance of study. 1.1 Background study In every organization required a good communication between departments and between in organization. Nothing would be accomplished without an efficient communication in the work place (Conrad, 2014). Based on Conrad (2014), Miscommunication can cause problems like Instructions could not be given, tools and supplies could not be ordered, improvement could not be measured, and products and services could not be delivered to customers. Based on Conrad (2014), the ability to communicate effectively was recognized as the most important skill as the manager needs the most for success but studies show that many employees believe…show more content…
Nickolayev et al. (2015) stated it is important in terms of effective speaking to be aware of how communication works. Hence, the employee need to improve their communication skill in order improves their job performance. This study will also beneficial to the organization because the management could give more attention to the factors that cause the miscommunication happens to inside the organization itself. In this way, they may try to improve their management style in order to improve their way of communication with the

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