Factors That Affect My Development

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1.The only factor that affects my development is that I am not living with my parents. Because of their long working hours, they are not able to look after me, so they asked my grandparents to take this opportunity; however, as my grandparents didn't receive any education before, they couldn't help me to solve the problem on homework. As a result, I spend more time on homework if I have questions.

2.This year, I joined the joint school Student Ambassador Program organized by Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. In this program, each participant could get the opportunity to have an interview with nine other Student Ambassadors from the different schools of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. We need to communicate with each others in English. I was afraid of speaking English in front of people; however, I overcame this at that time, I tried all my best to speak and perform well during the interview. In the program, I learned a lesson. Not to be nervous when I facing problems, all I need to do is try my best and be brave. Nothing could block our way if we stay positive.

3.I enjoyed Geography the most. It is because Geography contains contents in different ranges, such as Biology and Economics. I can gain a wide range of knowledge through this subject. Geography helps me to know more
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There is no wrong decision in our life if we stay positive. Every choice leads to different chance, for example, I felt Geography was dull in my junior form. I chose it as my elective subject in form 3 because I got higher marks in geography. But I regret my choice after I have made the decision: however, after a period of time of my Geography study in senior form, I found the interests in this subject and I started enjoy learning Geography. I think wrong decisions can double my experience and correct decisions can double my confidence, both teaches me a lot. I will stay positive if I feel regret on my decision and everything will be

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