Describe The Factors That Affect The Health Of The Fetus Essay

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Describe factors that affect the health of the fetus


Complications that occur in pregnancy can affect both the mother and the child in negative ways. In this essay I am going to talk about complications that can occur during pregnancy and how the complications can affect both the mother and the child, I am also going to talk about both the symptoms and the treatments for conditions that can be caused due to complications in pregnancy.

Complications in pregnancy

There are lots and lots of complications that could occur during pregnancy, complications that occur during could affect both you and your child in a negative way, examples of some complications you could experience in pregnancy include lack of oxygen to the foetus
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If you take medicines or illegal drugs when your pregnant they could harm your child by:

They could reduce the amount of oxygen that is reaching your baby.

It could have an effect on your baby's development.

It causes your child to develop learning disabilities.

Importance of vitamin B12

If you take B12 whilst you are pregnant it can benefit both you and your child, B12 can help stop your baby from developing any nasty conditions whist there in the womb. Women would usually take folic acid if there trying to get pregnant they will usually begin taking it 3 months before the pregnancy and 3 months in to the pregnancy. Some of the conditions B12 can prevent you from getting include:

spina bifida.

Lack of vitamin B12 can also cause miscarriage.


If you are pregnant its important you eat healthily because eating an unhealthy diet whilst you are pregnant can affect your unborn child in negative ways. If you have a poor diet whilst you are pregnant your baby could experience health problems such as:


Your child could have raised levels of cholesterol.

Your child could have raised blood sugar.

Women who are pregnant cannot

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