Factors That Affect Urban Settlement Patterns In Pyrmont

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Introduction This report will be focused on the factors that affect urban settlement patterns in the area of Pyrmont, and the consequences of this urban growth in the area. The two main factors that will be focused on for this report are Advancements in Technology, and Development of Transportation. Advancements in Technology consists of things like development of communication devices like phones. Development of Transportation focuses on things like cars, buses, trams and trains, which have all been developed to be more efficient and financially accessible to the average person. The area that is being analysed is Pyrmont. It is located in Sydney CBD, about 1.7km SW from the Sydney Harbour Bridge. A 2016 census revealed the population to be 12,813 people. In the past, this number has been higher, like in 1900, where the population exceeded 30,000 people. The area was previously a booming sandstone quarry due to its abundance of white sandstone. It was also used as an industrial port, allowing for goods to be brought in from overseas and from other harbours. During WWII however Pyrmont plummeted in value and was considered a slum. The population dropped to 900 by 1990. Factors that have shaped the urban settlement patterns Advancements in technologies plays a massive role in the shaping of settlement patterns in Pyrmont. There are many areas of technology that have been developing over the years, but the main ones that impact settlement patterns in Pyrmont include,

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