Factors That Contribute To Stress In Life

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Stress is defined as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. At some point in life everyone will experience stress. How one deals with it determines the effect it will have on them and how it will impact on their life. Stress is not always a bad thing - it is sometimes lifesaving because it invokes the fight or flight reflex. It also encourages people to change and grow. Too much stress however can prove to be dangerous. Factors that contribute to stress are financial problems, facing big changes, long work hours and issues in personal relationships.
Financial problems play a huge part in causing stress as they can leave a person uncertain about their immediate or future circumstances. There are a variety of possible reasons that can lead
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According to writer Aaron Dignan, “All great experiences that engage us have an element of uncertainty at their core.” One is often scared of the unknown after a big life changing experience and this can be stressful. Someone’s life can change significantly if they lose loved one, not necessarily because of death but possibly due to a breakup. All the time and emotional investment placed on developing the relationship can seem to be a waste or the loss may seem too great to bear. It also requires adjustment which can be stressful. Even positive changes or adjustments can be stressful. Who has not heard of a bride being completely stressed out in preparation for her wedding? Another significant life change that can be stressful is becoming new parents. All focus, time and energy are now on the baby and coping with the changes can be deemed stressful as you no longer have as much time for yourself. One’s reaction to situations determines how stressed one will be. Resisting change is much more stressful than accepting

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